Best House Alarm System

Best house alarm system. Well, talking about best house alarm system means that we talk about hard wired home alarm system and wireless home alarm system. The hard wired system is the older generation of home alarm system which uses cables to connect the sensors and control panel. While the wireless system is the next generation which has wireless transmission for connecting the sensors to the alarm. Which best house alarm system is, it depends on each individual.


Performance of either the hard wired home alarm system or the wireless security system is equal in all respects. So, let’s see other points to sure the best house alarm system.


The hard wired home alarm system needs all the devices such as sensors, detectors, contact, cameras and sirens, to be connected to the control panel by cables. Because of using the cables, so the installation of a hard wired system is hard enough. It requires cutting into walls and removal of skirting and floor boards in order to run the cables. And it needs to repair the walls after home alarm installation. It is also a high cost and a lot of inconvenience.


In contrast,  the wireless home security system needs a few hour of easy work for installing. It is a simple work even by an amateur installer. But, it recommends to hire a professional installer for this work because it requires a special knowledge to set up the connections between the devices like sensors, detectors, contact, cameras and sirens with the central control panel via wireless transmission. After placement of the devices is finished, then you must test the system to make sure all are working. The installation cost of wireless system  should be quite reasonable.


The obvious advantage of wireless home alarm system is battery powered. It means the wireless alarm system cannot disable by cutting the cable. Should the phone line be cut the wireless system can respond by cellphone technology to the authorities. Cutting the phone line outside or inside the house will not deactivate the system. Unfortunately, the hard wired sytem cannot do this because it uses the cables.


From some points above, it appears that wireless systems have several advantages compared to hard wired systems. And overall, there is no doubt that the wireless system is the best house alarm system. This makes sense because the best house alarm system using the latest advanced technology.