Spectrum Home Security No Longer Supported

TWC Intelligent Home (now Spectrum) is the Time Warner Security and home automation solution that is being aggressively bundled with other TWC packages as part of  Charter Communication’s Spectrum Security portfolio of products. Spectrum security is part of Time Warner Cable and Charter Communication’s list of products and services. It’s bundled together with their internet package – so you can’t get a Spectrum home security package on its own.

Time Warner Security reviews reveal the truth about how Time Warner Intelligent Home customers really feel about their  Time Warner Home Security systems and whether or not their home automation systems live up to the hype of the so-called Intelligent Home….which, since the TWC / Spectrum merger,  is now known as Spectrum Intelligent Home.

Spectrum’s security system is controlled by a touchscreen, with various apps, you can navigate. It communicates wirelessly with the installed sensors, and it uses broadband communication to contact the monitoring center. If your power or internet goes down, you’ll be able to rely on a battery and cellular back-up.

With your Spectrum home security setup, you can expect door/window and glass break sensors, infrared motion sensors, motion, and smoke detectors, carbon monoxide and flood detectors, security cameras, smart thermostats, and more.

As of February 5th, 2020 Charter Communications has announced it will no longer be supporting Spectrum Security Systems. An excerpt on the Spectrum Security FAQ page indicates:

“Note: We’re no longer offering Spectrum Home Security service to new customers. As of February 5, 2020, we’ll no longer support Spectrum Home Security service.

This was devastating news for many who were left considering their options after money had already been spent. Some of the equipment had been left functioning but without all the smart options.

Luckily, security giant Ring and Abode stepped in to offer discounts for existing Spectrum customers. This may not be what Spectrum clients signed up for, but certainly, it does soften the blow while at the same time offering a legitimate option from reliable, well-established home security provider who is ready to assist all previous owner of Spectrum home monitoring systems.