Wireless Alarm Systems Reviews – Compare to Hard Wired Alarm Systems

Today, there are two kinds of home alarm system in market, hard wired system and wireless system. Hard wired alarm system is the older one. It uses wires to connect all sensors and keypads.  Younger generation is wireless alarm system which uses wireless transmission from sensors to alarm. And then comes the discussion about which of these is the best home alarm system. This article is a wireless alarm systems reviews, as compared to hard wired alarm systems. Wireless alarm systems reviews will discuss about features of each system.

Wireless Alarm Systems Reviews First concern of wireless alarm systems reviews is the installation of the system. The hard wired alarm system requires all sensors to be connected to control panel by wires. Installing hard wired system requires a lot of work. To install hard wired system requires cutting into the wall and removal of skirts  and floor boards in order to run the cable. And after the installation is needed repairs to the walls. All require considerable cost and a lot of inconvenience.

Wireless system only requires the devices installation without using cables. This installation only takes one to two hours. Although you can install this wireless system yourself, it is better for you to hire a professional installer to install the system. A professional installer is especially needed to set up the proper location for sensors and central receiver. After installation, you must test all sensor signals and connections with central receiver, to ensure that the system works well, and the job was completed.
Hiring professional installer will make you more confident by knowing that the work has been done correctly. And because the installation of the system is relatively easy, so the costs are also quite reasonable.

Second concern of wireless alarm systems reviews is the operation continuity. Although, performance of both systems, hard wired and wireless one, are just as good in all respects, but the advantage of wireless alarm system is the use of batteries as a power source. With so intruders can not shut down the operating system by cutting the cable. In fact, if the phone line is cut, then the wireless home security system will respond by contacting the authorities via cell phone. Cutting the phone line outside or inside the home will not disable the system.

From the wireless alarm systems reviews, can be seen that with more advanced technology, wireless systems have more advantages over hard wired systems, especially in the the installation and operation continuity.